Friday, November 30, 2012

Over At Adoption Lies...

I'm glad that I didn't attempt to write every day of this month of Adoption (Be)Awareness.  Too much going on in my life, it would have done me in this year.

I read an excellent post yesterday over at Adoption Lies Adoption Victims.  I'm going to put it on my "For Mothers Considering Adoption" page, but thought it was too great to pass up linking here on a post too.

If Adoption Was Presented Like This....

Would it be a loving choice?  Would a expectant or new mother choose adoption or an adoptive parent?

I finally have some peace because the last two years have presented questions that I could not answer and it turned over in my mind over and over again. The crux of the questions had cruelty as their core values. How could my relinquished daughter's parents be so cruel?  How could they coerce a depressed mother, with a track record of lovingly parenting her children in to giving up her child?  How could they close an open adoption? How could they deny my daughter her right to know her family when she contacted us? How could they call and berate me and tell me how I was a worthless mother because they had my child? How could they do these things?

And finally the answer came to me a few days ago...
Take the time to go read the rest of this post if you haven't already.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Yup, if I knew any if this I would never have signed!