Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stop Shorstein Network - Open Adoption Fraud

I previously posted about the Shorstein Advocacy Group and the filing of a class-action lawsuit against them.  I was recently contacted and asked to help spread the word that they hope to file the lawsuit this summer.

If you were defrauded by the promise of open adoption in the state of Florida since 1990, please join this class-action lawsuit.

Here is the info I received:

We have updated our Facebook page and email address. We are under the gun to find a few more mothers so we can file this summer. PLEASE help in any way you can. THIS MAY BE THE ONLY opportunity we have to stop or at least decrease the number of coerced and fraudulent “open” adoptions in FL. It may also pave the way to unsealing records. ANY help is GREATLY appreciated! There is no cost to the moms to join.

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