Links for Learning

Here is a list of some great blog posts, research articles, etc. 
written by many who have been effected by adoption.  

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, it is important that you learn about adoption from many points of view in order to make a truly informed decision for or against adoption.  There is a lot to learn from the parents who have lost a child to adoption, parents who have adopted children, as well as the adoptees themselves.   

These posts are also very helpful to anyone trying to learn about what it is really like to live with adoption in your life.  When I was first reunited with my son, I thought that I was "wrong" in the feelings and thoughts I was having.  It was truly life-changing when I found other mothers of adoption loss who had the same feelings and thoughts as I did.  It is because of many of the posts below that I was able to begin the healing process when I finally 
"came out of the adoption closet". The last section of posts on this page are excellent resources for Adoption Healing.

 Many of these blog posts have great discussion in the comments 
to the posts ~ so be sure to read the comments also!
(I try to keep this page updated by taking out links that 
no longer exist as well as by adding new posts. )

Finally started adding some new posts to this page!  More to come in the days to come...

Is Adoption A Reproductive Right?

Empowerment and the Modern Birthmother
The Truth of Open Adoption

Words of Mothers

Repeating His Words - Cassie posts a letter written by her son
How Has Losing My Mother Affected Me?

When DNA Isn't Just DNA  this is a great blog post, be sure to watch the video that is a part of it.  It is an amazingly insightful video of an expectant mother trying to make sense of choosing to parent or give her child up for adoption.

Words of Adoptive Parents

I follow many great blogs, by all members of the "adoption triad". 

It would take too long to add links to all the great blog posts 
I have read.  These above are just a few.
Some of the blog authors above have many other great posts, not just the one listed.

There are links to all of the blogs I follow on the right. 


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