Thursday, October 30, 2014

Heartbreaking - Another Open Adoption Closed...

Today in one of my online support groups there was yet another post from a mother of adoption loss who was promised an open adoption ~ which never came to be. 

Today is her babies 1st birthday. 

She has never received one single photo. 
Not.  One.  Photo.
Even though the adoptive parents promised her that she would be a part of her child's life always.

She has never received one update. 
Not.  One.  Update. 
Even though the adoptive parents promised her that she would be a part of her child's life always.

Another mother who was told that an open adoption consisted of photos and updates. 
Yet she has no idea where these parents live, doesn't know their name, doesn't know anyhing about them. 

Another mother who wasn't told that receiving correspondence through an adoption agency really isn't an open adoption.

Another mother who wasn't told that this so-called open adoption isn't legally binding.

Another mother who wouldn't have chosen adoption if she wouldn't even be able to know if her child was still alive, much less healthy and happy.

Another adoptive family who thought it was ok to lie ~ whatever it took to get what they wanted.

Another adoption agency that doesn't care about the mother or child once the papers are signed.  They got the baby to supply to the parents who are willing to pay them thousands of dollars in exchange. 

For that's what adoption has become in this day and age my folks. 

Adoption is now about providing a child to a family that wants one.

When it should be about giving a family to a child that doesn't have one.

Two things feed the corruption that adoption has become:

Big Business

Finding the supply to meet the demand to make the $$ 

No matter what lies and myths are necessary to keep that supply and demand coming in


Wanting a baby.  At any cost. 

Who cares about the mothers left behind?

They didn't really want their babies anyways, did they?

For if you really wanted your baby, why would you even THINK of contacting an adoption agency??


  1. My daughter had a baby girl 2 1/2 years ago. She entered an agreement with a couple who promised so much with an open adoption. It has been closed for over 1 1/2 years. Our whole family is devastated. We hired an attorney and we are in a huge lawsuit and will do all we can to change the laws here in Iowa. The pain this adoptive family has caused my daughter and my family is inhumane and unbelievable. I would never believe any human being could treat us this way. Open Adoption is a lie.

    1. Yes, it is a lie used to sell adoption. I'm so sorry that your family has learned this the hard way...

  2. That is really sad! It's all too common!