Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lost Daughters

There is a new blog that I am really excited about!  Some of my favorite bloggers have joined forces to create the blog Lost Daughters.  In their words, here is what this new blog is about:

This blog was created by female adoptees, for female adoptees as a place to exchange ideas and opposing views in a respectful atmosphere.  While each adoptee has a unique experience and their own opinions, in general, we each support Adoption Reform, Adoptee Rights, and Family Preservation.  This blog is a place for female adoptees to share their experiences and think critically about adoption.  We do not write pro-adoption posts or repeat stereotypes about adoptees.

We acknowledge that adoption also impacts male adoptees and appreciate their viewpoints as well.  We hope to include guest blogs by men who have been adopted throughout our blog journey.

We also acknowledge that adoption impacts more than just adoptees and that others may identify with many things we write, even if they are not also adopted.  While this is an adoptee blog, we welcome anyone who would like to follow along, read, and comment.  Please just keep in mind that the site content will be geared toward female adoptees.

If you agree with our blog's mission, are a female adult adoptee, and would like to contribute to this blog, please email declassifiedadoptee [at] gmail [dot] com .
Good luck ladies!  I wish you much luck in your endeavor towards Adoption Reform, Adoptee Rights, and Family Preservation.  This mom looks forward to reading and learning from all of you!

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