Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Roar - Are You Listening??

Is the world beginning to listen yet?

Do you know of the brokenness known as adoption?

Many of us are speaking, but is anyone listening... Really Listening?

Listening to

The ones most effected by relinquishment ~ the ones relinquished?
Or to

The ones who believed that life would go on as before?

I feel as though the ones who don't want to hear have us outnumbered.

By far.

There are days I feel defeated by those who want to keep us silenced.

Like today.

Until I read this poem.

And then I was reminded.
I am not in this alone.

I will continue to speak out and bare my scars.

I will grow stronger.
With the others in their brokenness, we will all grow stronger.

And the world will listen... one day...

Thank you to all of you out there in adopto-land who help me through this life of adoption loss.  Just by being "out there", speaking out your truths, you make me stronger by reminding me that I'm not all alone in this.  You bring a bit of sanity to my life when nothing about this adoption loss is sane...  Susie


  1. I will always be here with you, holding your hand too, with others in our shoes. One day our voice will become one and they will not be able to turn a deaf ear...because we will be too loud to be ignored.

    Lots of hugs

  2. Susie, I will proudly stand by your side as we speak our truths. People will listen one day. Love that poem, so inspiring.

    thanks for all you do for this community.


  3. I've written about feeling like I am standing on the edge of a cliff shouting into the wind. But I know there are others standing beside me, shouting too. And that helps a lot.

  4. We are never alone and someday we all will be heard. We just all have to keep the lines of communication open with everyone! Thanks for your inspiration!

  5. I pray that emoms considering adoption will find there way to us and realised how dsyfuntional adoption is. But more than anything I hope they read adoptee blogs.