Monday, December 17, 2012

The 14th of December, 2012

My heart bleeds for everyone in Newtown, for the family and friends of all those murdered last Friday. I cannot begin to imagine the horror, the trauma...

With thoughts and prayers for all involved, of course my thoughts also turned to my own family. As did everyone, I'm sure. I would imagine that every one hugged their loved ones a bit longer than normal, there were many more statements of "I love you" than usual that night and in the days to follow.

Then the wondering began...

Were any of those murdered adopted? Were or will their natural families be contacted with the horrible news? Or will the mothers/fathers/extended natural family go on the rest of their lives with no idea that their child lost their life in the senseless murders?

Or maybe one of the adults murdered were natural mothers who had lost a child to adoption... Will their children be told that they are gone? Or will they search one day only to find out the horrible news years later?

What about the many natural mothers in the U.S. whose children are now 6 & 7 years old? How many have children that age and have no idea where their child is living? How many are now living with the question "Was my child one of them?".

My heart goes out not only to everyone affected by the massacre last Friday, but to every mother/father/family member out there who is wondering tonight if one of the victims could be their loved one.

A beautiful song. a wonderful tribute...

On the 14th of December ~
  the angels were crying
     as they carried them away...


  1. I think every Natural mother had the same thought immediately after crying out for the victims and their families. Tks for writing what we all are thinking.

  2. is this why adam l lost it, he saw the kids sacrificed for uniformed lawlessness? that would kinda do it! I wish lawyers would turn themselves in. melt your automatic weapons into plow shares people!