Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stop Shorstein Network

I post today to help spread the word about a class-action lawsuit against Shorstein Advocacy Group for using coercion and fraud when soliciting expectant mothers.

Shorstein, a lawyer in Florida known as the "adoption kingpin" is now being sued in Florida courts for using coercion and fraud when soliciting first parents.

He has been known to make promises of open adoption to first parents, and the adoptions quickly close within 3 years-5 years. The significance of this time frame, is that in most cases, it is five years that a person is able to file a lawsuit within the limit of statues time frame. In other words, contact is discontinued at a the pivotal time that first parents have to reinforce their rights.

And sometimes there is a miracle. Now, all mothers and fathers who have been coerced by Michael Shorstein or who have gone through First Coast Adoption Professionals and had Kathleen Stevens as the counselor can now seek relief. All people, regardless of when the adoption happened can now stand up for their rights and join a class action lawsuit against Shorstein and the agency.

Please pass this message along to any person who may have been affected by these people. We want all people who have been made promises to be able to stand up and join this lawsuit. For parents who are new, and whose open adoption is still open, this is your chance to make sure it does not close.

 From Stop Shorstein Advocacy Group:

The Stop Shorstein Network Is Looking For Families Who Lost Their Children To Fraudulent Adoption Practices In Florida!

The Stop Shorstein Network needs to contact families who have been coerced into signing away their rights to their child(ren) by Shorstein. Hundreds of families have been victimized. Please join with us. Together we can create change.

  •  Were promises made to you that were false and damaging?
  • Did you sign legal documents under false pretenses?
  • Were you manipulated, coerced, or tricked?
  • Have they made excuse after excuse for failing to follow through with their promises?
  • Have you been denied the relationship with your children that you were promised?
  • Have you and your children been harmed and damaged?
You aren't alone in your pain. Please connect with us today.
email: reunite@stopshorstein.info



  1. Thank you for posting this! The public needs to know about this...and that it is STILL happening.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm one of the mothers involved in this class action. Anything is possible, and never give up fighting!

  3. We are about to file this class action suit. Please contact us ASAP if you were defrauded by the promise of open adoption in the state of Florida since 1990.

    Thanks! Leigh Ann
    reunitemoms @ gmail.com