Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adoption Awareness ~ Day 8

A Few Of The Things That Drive Me Crazy

The word "birthmother".  For many reasons, most of all when
  • used by pap's or ap's as a possessive term.  Ex: "Our birthmom".  Excuse me ~ the mother gave birth to your child, not to you.  She cannot be your birthmom!
  • When shortened to bm.  A mother is not poo.  A bm is a bowel movement folks!

When the adoptee is described as being a "gift".  
  • I did not and would not give my son as a gift to strangers I had never met.  Rather I was giving him the gift of two parents.  (Yes, I know now...  but at the time that's what I believed was right.)
  • Especially when used as "a gift from God".  This is true, a gift to the mother and father the infant was created by.  God doesn't make mistakes and put an infant in "the wrong tummy"!

Adoptive parents who
  • do not understand that love multiplies ~ it doesn't have to be divided.
  • do not listen and learn from adoptees who have lived the life and have much to teach.

Mothers considering adoption being treated as saints,
  • until the papers are signed, then they become dangerous strangers who must be watched and censored around their own children.
  • until they decide to parent their child, they are suddenly misfits unworthy of raising a child.

Prospective adoptive parents who
  • claim that God has a hand in their adoption desires.
  • stalk expectant teen mothers on forums for moms.

I'm having trouble finding things to write about, and it's only the 8th day. I have a lot I'd like to say, but am having a hard time getting it out without being too angry or too pathetically sad right now.  

So dear readers - any ideas?  Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?  Any lurkers out there who would like to write a guest post to either introduce yourself or a blog post with your thoughts about adoption awareness?  Send me a message at findingchristopher at gmail dot com. 


  1. I liked this post. I don't have any suggestions but I have just chosen not to get involved in adoption awareness month thing.

  2. You're in good company, I'm stuck too. You made it two more posts than me. I'm kind of sick of my morose self!

    BTW, your sadness and anger are legit. If you need to write about it, go ahead. We're all here to support you.


  3. I love the part about not being saints. Jeesh if I only knew the damage of my decision. I hope young pregnant women read our blogs and realize the folly of the adoption industries claims! You go Suzie. I'm proud of you writing for all of us.