Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving!!

Being Thankful doesn't even begin to describe my feelings this Thanksgiving!  The things I am most thankful for are the same as last year, but the depth of the thankfulness is much, much, more intense. 

Usually in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving I find myself planning the big day, reflecting on the previous year and how much I have been blessed with in my life to be thankful for.  This year, with Christopher's surgery being scheduled just two days before Thanksgiving...  I was paralyzed.  I couldn't bring myself past yesterday.  "The Tuesday Before Thanksgiving" loomed huge and ugly before me. 

Here we are now, about 30 hours since his open-heart surgery was over, and he is making remarkable strides in healing already!  By mid-morning today, he had already read all the well-wishes from people on the carepage set up for updates on his surgery, as well as been checking things out on FaceCrack (love that name, totally stole it from Linda!).  He also has taken two walks, had a couple of tubes removed, and they have already talked about letting him go home this weekend. 

I hadn't even shopped for anything to make for tomorrow ~ thank goodness that my uncle decided to plan a huge bash for my dad's side of the family so I only had to make a side dish and a dessert.  No house cleaning necessary!  My lovely daughter was out & about and got groceries for me this afternoon, so I didn't even have to leave my house today.  I'm still recouping from strep, thankfully the antibiotics kicked in fast.  It probably helped that I was able to spend about 24 hours in bed sleeping off and on (mostly on!). 

Despite the fact that I couldn't think about Thanksgiving Day until I heard the news of Christopher's successful surgery, I am more than ready for it!  Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.  My parents somehow always managed to pull it together for holidays, we had a fighting-free day usually.  We always spent Thanksgiving with my Aunt & Uncle, cousins who lived just a block away from us, and this aunt was always my favorite.  Probably because she was always laughing, could always find humor in things that just pissed off my mom.  My mom and my Aunt Opal were always very proud of their turkeys too ~ we have a photo of them with Tom every year I think! 

Mom & Aunt Opal with Tom

I wish each and every one of you 
a very happy, very blessed Thanksgiving Day. 
May your day be full of family, friends, 
and of course lots of yummy food!  

Sorry for this rambling post, I think my brain is still scrambled from all of the worrying!


  1. I am do happy, Susie. These things can goeither way. Thank God Christopher is on the mend. I hope this brings you closer together. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow! Amazing what he's doing the day after surgery. So happy for you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm going to enjoy my last day off until after Christmas. Why did I open a retail store :-?

  3. So glad to hear the good results of Christopher's surgery and that you were able to have a thankful Thanksgiving. HUGS!