Monday, December 5, 2011

Still Hiding from Adoption...

I've been MIA for a while now...

I am still in somewhat of a... limbo? in my "adoption life".  I can't get into writing what is in my head and heart, without getting too personal, telling more of Christopher's story than I want to.

No updates on Christopher's recuperation.  I'm assuming no news is good news... 

I have been busy at home and school making both places look like the North Pole.  No, there is no such thing as too many Christmas decorations ~ don't listen to my hubby!  I LOVE this time of year, all of it.  I think I'm over-immersing myself into the season this year as a way of ignoring the reality of Christopher's continued silence. Thank goodness I have a wonderful distraction instead of just going into a major funk.  For now anyways...

Hopefully I will get back to writing soon. 

In the meantime, since I have started catching up on all the adopto-land blogs and fb pages again, here is some great linkage. 

here are is a great blog,
 Single Mothers To Be

a great blog post,
 Thinking of Placing Your Baby For Adoption?  Think Very Hard

(I'm adding both of the above to my "For Mothers Considering Adoption" page)

and an interesting article to read.
Fetal Cells Are Forever

I will leave you with one of my favorite Christmas songs!


  1. LOL!! You can NEVER have too many Christmas decorations!! Your blog looks festive, too! <3

  2. I'm loving the festive blog! Fantastic! My house used to look like a elf drank too much eggnog and barfed all over the place. Because elves would barf holiday decorations in my mind. So I agree with Linda, you can't have too many decorations!!!

    Sending some love your way!

  3. So ~ great minds think alike then!! Loving the Christmas decorations just makes me like you guys even more!

    Linda ~ your blog being festive gave me the idea to change mine, so thanks! Also, loved your swag with the ice skates, I have a tiny white kids pair that I use somewhere every Christmas too!

    Jenn ~ that's hilarious, the elf with too much eggnog! I'm gonna have to share that with my friends at "Therapy Thursday"!

  4. Love the festive new blog. I'm telling you though, having a boutique has put a very big damper on my holiday spirit. I am determined this year to get my spirit back. Got the tree in the house this year, that's an improvement! Ho, Ho, Ho, my friend!