Tuesday, December 6, 2011

God and Adoption

I have always said that God had nothing to do with adoption as we now know it.  I hate it when people say that God brought their adopted child to them.  The God that I believe in would never want a mother and child to be separated.  The God that I believe in meant for people to help the fatherless and widowed as a family, keeping the family intact ~ He did not mean for them to take the fatherless for themselves, forgetting the "widow". 

When I read these words of a Minister, they at first had me breathless, then had me in tears. And that, as many of you know, does not happen often.
God never wanted you separated from your child.
God is helping you two find your way back to one another.
Go read this post, it is an excellent one!  Frame By Frame ~ by The Silent Birthmother


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  1. Susie, I read Frame By Frame. Good post, although since I'm not a believer in God, I prefer to think of it as nature's plan, a natural force that does not accept mother and child being separated and will work silently to bring us back together.