Monday, December 19, 2011

Things You Wouldn't Know About Me

If you only know me through my blog, you could probably think that I am living a sad, depressing life.  There is so much more to me than adoption though!  I am blessed beyond belief ~ despite the loss of my son to adoption.

Things you wouldn't know about me from my blog...

I laugh a lot.  Loudly.  Yeah, I even snort if I get to laughing too much.

I cuss.  Sometimes a lot.  There are times the F word is just necessary!  Especially if I've had a few, I start to sound like a sailor...

I'm nice.  Really, I am!

I'm a twin.  My brother is about a foot taller than me.  His hair is very curly, mine is stick straight.  He is uber religious, I'm not.  He was the studious twin, I was the social one.  We really don't have anything in common.  I used to say that the hospital sent home the wrong baby, meaning he was the wrong one.  I now say that I was the wrong one.  I am nothing like either one of my siblings.  I hope.

I'm not religious ~ I'm spiritual, raised Lutheran and married a Catholic.

I cheated to become Catholic.  (Thanks to Uncle John (Father John) ~ my hubby's officially, although I grew to love him as my own.)  He knew that I was only attending Catholic church because there was never going to be a chance of my hubby going to a Lutheran church.  Catholics can be so snotty like that!

I don't live in a town.  I live in a village.  Population around 200.  Hubby grew up here, drug me here 12 years ago.  Think "Greenacres" except with a new house, not a falling apart farm house.  He's the country boy, I'm the city girl.  Half the town is related to the hub.  Half of the rest of the town is related to one of the relatives.  Yeah.....

I am a member of a gang.  Uh huh.  We call ourselves The Big Girls.  Not because of our size (although sadly I am), but because we are grown ups.  Our daughters grew up and started joining in on our parties, they wanted to be a part of The Girls too, so they became The Little Girls and we became The Big Girls.  But just because we are the grown ups doesn't mean we act like it!  We have been friends since grade school and high school.  We have been told that we are overly-friendly women who are too trustworthy and open with strangers.  We make friends everywhere we go!

I love to play in the dirt.  In the summer you will find me outside whenever possible, probably with bare feet.  I have a garden that usually has just cucumbers and the makings for salsa, sometimes I get beans and peas planted in it too.  I plant flowers in all kinds of containers that aren't meant to have flowers planted in them.  Old wash tubs, old watering cans, wringer washing machine, wagons, etc.

I love to quilt.  I however have a problem with too many unfinished and un-started projects.  I'm also just a topper, not a quilter.  I make the quilt tops, have a friend who does a fabulous job of quilting them for me.  I have only kept one bed quilt and a few wall quilts for myself, the rest have all been gifts.  My four year old granddaughter finally got hers this Christmas, poor thing ~ all the others got one when they were babies!  I also finally finished one for my daughter for Christmas, now the boys are whining for one so those will probably be my next projects, leaving my unfinished and un-started ones to go even longer. 

I love me a margarita, lately a cranberry one is my fav.  Or a glass/bottle of wine.  Or an ice cold beer with some (more than three please!) green olives in it.  The Big Girls' signature shot is a Lemon Drop.  We REALLY enjoy those!

I love art ~ bright, cheerful colors.  Art of all kinds ~ painting, drawing, textile, pottery, sculpting, whatever.  I can't draw a stick person to save my life, but I love to look at the work of those who can.  

I can get lost on Etsy for hours!

There is a lot more, but you are probably bored to death by now.  I didn't realize how much I had typed already.  This glass of rhubarb wine has helped me find things to talk about!!
I will leave you with some of my favorite non-adoption related blogs (in no certain order):

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  1. Learning to quilt is something on my to-do list. I have all sorts of fabric saved from my girls' childhood, and I plan on making a quilt one day for each of them, using my wedding dress as the binding. (if I can find my wedding dress-it's been used many times over as a Halloween costume, lol)

  2. OMG! You CUSS?!! F***! Thank God I'm not the only one! Had a pomegranate margarita when I was in Chicago last summer, it was really yummy. Maybe we'll get to clink a glass together one day.

  3. Linda ~ what a fabulous idea! I've thought of making a quilt for the kids with their old clothes, but the binding from my wedding dress?!? Oh, the ideas are churning now! Thanks :D

    Laurie ~ How about Chicago next August? I'm seriously thinking about going to the Adoptee Rights Demonstration.

  4. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know people as people for how they think and what motivates them and brings joy to their lives.

  5. It's nice to read about the real you. always liked you and do even more now. See you in Chi town next August!

  6. It's nice to read about the real you. always liked you and do even more now. See you in Chi town next August!