Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Open Letter ~ Shared from An Adult Adoptee

Two blogs that I follow had great posts tonight, a letter written by a fellow adult adoptee friend of theirs. Christina made a new page on her blog to post this letter permanently, I am going to do the same. 

This letter should be read by everyone involved in adoption in any way.  I know many moms who have chosen adoption who would not have made that same choice if they knew the truth of adoptions effects on the adopted. 

I wish that anyone considering adoption for their unborn child could read this, as well as anyone interested in adopting, or who have already adopted, or even just asked the question "Should We Adopt?". 

The new page is at the top of my blog "An Open Letter".

Thank you for going to my new page to read the heart felt words of one who knows the most about adoption ~ one who is adopted, who has lived adoption their entire life!

Also, look on the right side of my blog, down a little ways.  There are many blogs written by adult adoptees listed in my blog list.  Anybody looking to learn about adoption should start with them!

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